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We offer an affiliate program for those who love our product and want to promote our environmental concept together. As a reward, you will get 15% of our sales price (excl VAT price) when customer placed order through your specific link within 14 days.

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Monthly Earnings


Please send an email to if you want to take out your commissions, with the following info:

  • Name (must be the same as in your bank account)
  • Login ID
  • Bank account information, include IBAN number
  • Address and phone number (Requested by international money transfer in some countries)

For international payment outside EU, we will deduct a bank charge of €8.5 for each withdrawal.
For payment within EU in Euro, we will deduct a bank charge of €1 for each withdrawal.

Here is an example about 15% commission:
If a product sold at €10.00 include VAT, i.e. €8.0+€2.0VAT
As a business we only get €8.0 and the VAT €2.0 needs to be paid to the tax office.
You will receive €8.0 x 15% = €1.2
If you are VAT registered and then we can pay out €1.5 if you send us a VAT invoice. (But in the end you will need to declare and pay your 25% VAT of €0.3 to the tax office)