Refillable Mechanical Watercolour Pencils – 24 colours


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This mechanical colour pencil set features refillable pigment core with vibrant colours. The pigment cores are relatively soft, one can easily combine colour layers and even brush with water to make a water colour effect. The package is printed with tearojoy characters, it allows you to colour it and make your own unique package.  It contains 10 postcards inside the package for you to colour and send it to your loved ones.

Furthermore, our tearojoy brand is to promote environmental friendly lifestyle. By choosing refillable mechanical pencils, we actually reduce the consumption of wood and prolong the lifespan of productized plastic. We donate 10-20% net profit annually to support environmental projects.


Package includes:

  • 24 mechanical pencils with Ø3.0mm watercolour leads
  • 1 box of 24 extra watercolour leads
  • 1 watercolour brush
  • 1 lead sharpener
  • 10 Tearojoy postcards

Standard: EN71 CE mark, guarantees safety for both adults and children above 3 years old.


Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 26 × 23 × 3 cm


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